Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Thread of the Month Contest - $50 Prize!!

Thread of the Month Contest


Between NOW and 15th November post as many original, funny, gory, nasty, crazy, threads as you can for a chance to win thread of the month. The thread can be about anything that will catch our eyes. The thread can go into any section of the forum. The thread must not be about a topic already posted on this forum unless the thread and the information inside adds in depth information not already posted about the subject.

Example: Find any other maniacs video = epic win!


* $50 Amazon gift voucher.
* The ability to set and change your own Custom User Title from within the User Control Panel.


On 15 November forum Admins and Moderators will review all threads posted between now and 15 Nov and decide on a winner. Winner will be announced on 16 November.

Future Contests:
Each month we will repeat contest as long as there is a desire. All future contests will start on the 15th of the month and end on the 15th of following month.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Young boy crushed to death by falling rock!! - Graphic Pics!

We haven't yet found the back story to this one, but these are some VERY graphic pics!

Follow the link at the bottom for all the pics.

Full set of pics here - Oh Look, a Forum! - Young boy crushed to death by falling rock - Pics

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Is The Stig (Top Gear) Michael Schumacher?

Reports are surfacing that the identity of The Stig is to finally be revealed on Tonight's episode of Top Gear on the BBC.

An audience member at the filming of tonight's episode said this -
I was at the top gear recording earlier on today for the first episode of the new series, and the Stig was revealed to be... Michael Schumacher!! this was very unexpected, but totally believable in the end. His full unmasking will be shown on BBC 1 on saturday at 9pm in the UK! attached are a few shots of his FXX which he was putting around the track. The rest of the episode is a interview with schumacher, a hot lap in the lliana and a race between a steam engine, a bike and a 1940's jaguar.

Latest news and discussion here - Oh Look, a Forum! - Is The Stig (Top Gear) Michael Schumacher?

Friday, 19 June 2009

Train Crash caught on Video!

This Train crash in Bangladesh was caught on camera by a guy who saw the train approaching a traffic jam at high speed.

4 cars were flattened as the Jamuna Express ploughed into a minibus at the Moghbazar crossing in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka on Wednesday, 17th June 2009.

One woman was killed and a further 10 people injured in the incident.

Video link below.

Watch the video here - Oh Look, a Forum - Train Crash caught on camera - Woman killed

Monday, 15 June 2009

Björk Stalker Suicide Video

On 12 September 1996, obsessed fan Ricardo López mailed an acid-spraying letter bomb to Björk's London home and then killed himself, but the package was intercepted by the Metropolitan Police Service. López filmed himself in the process of making the acid bomb intended to kill her. The nearly 18 hours of videotape described López's obsession with Björk, the construction of the device, his thoughts on love and other subjects, including racial remarks against Björk's then-boyfriend Goldie. The video footage continues after his mailing the bomb to Björk's London home and ends dramatically as López applies face paint, shaves his head and commits suicide by shooting himself on camera.


Tv report and full suicide video below.

Björk Stalker Suicide Video

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another failed suicide video!

Another idiot tried to commit suicide with a gun and managed to get it horribly wrong.

You can see him quivering and gurgling blood.

Video link at the bottom.

Failed Suicide

Watch the video here - Oh Look, a Forum! - Another failed suicide!

Abortion - A woman's right or murder of an unborn child?

Abortion is an increasingly controversial subject, with many strong beliefs on both sides of the debate.

Those in favour often state that it is a woman's right to choose what happens to her body. Those against often see it as the murder of an unborn child, sometimes citing moral or even religious reasons for their beliefs.

Are you "pro-choice" or "pro-life"?

Many "pro-lifers" believe that from the moment of conception, the zygote is a new life. Medically, it is not considered such until about 10 days later when implantation occurs and the zygote attaches to the wall of the uterus. Most Physicians and "pro-choicers" consider this to be the start of pregnancy.

Others believe that a new life has not really been created until either around 4 days after this, when the embryo is formed or around 8-9 weeks later, when the embryo becomes a fetus.

At what stage in this process has a new human life been created and at what stage is it no longer acceptable to terminate the pregnancy?

Have your say here - Oh Look, a Forum! - Abortion - A Woman's right or infanticide?

Friday, 12 June 2009

France poised to disclose presence of extra terrestrials?

According to various sources online (including the not-so-presitigous Macedonia International News Agency), France is set to let us all know that aliens are living among us -
The words 'Nous ne sommes pas seuls' or 'We are not alone' will be somberly pronounced this week by a senior Government official of the nation that brought the world 'Liberté, égalité, fraternité'.

France is set to concede that it is aware of an alien presence on earth by no later than Friday.

Paris has chosen follow the lead of maverick UFO nation Brazil and resist US pressure to continue delaying disclosure until America feels it is ready for the event.

It is believed that a telephone hot-line has been set up in Paris to deal with queries from panicky citizens.

A special division of France's police department is also to be established: to handle UFO reports.

The French have gone to so much effort to protect their culture from encroaching 'Anglo-Saxon' influences and now they are preparing to protect their culture from what might be even more powerful extraterrestrial forces.

It is believed Holland and Germany are set to soon follow France's lead.

So, I don't know about you, but I'm putting on my tin-foil hat and waiting for Mulder and Scully to show up!

Discuss this story here

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Amazing, Rare Colour Photos of Adolf Hitler!

Between 1936 and 1945, German photographer Hugo Jaeger was granted unprecedented access to Adolf Hitler, travelling and chronicling, in color, the Fuhrer and his confidants at small gatherings, public events, and, quite often, in private moments. These are never-before-published photographs from Jaeger's astonishing, and chilling, collection.

In the late '30s, very few photographers were using color. Hugo Jaeger was an early adopter and Hitler liked what he saw. "The future," Hitler once said to Jaeger, "belongs to color photography."

Jaeger's story is nothing short of astonishing. In 1945, when the Allies were making their final push toward Munich, Jaeger found himself face to face with six American soldiers in a small town west of the city. During a search of the house where Jaeger was staying, the Americans found a leather suitcase in which Jaeger had hidden thousands of color photo transparencies. He knew he would be arrested (or worse) if the Americans discovered his film and his close connection to Hitler. He could never have imagined what happened next.

The American soldiers threw open the suitcase that held the Hitler images. Inside, they found a bottle of cognac that Jaeger had placed atop the transparencies. Elated, the soldiers proceeded to share the bottle with Jaeger and the owner of the house. The suitcase was forgotten.

After the Americans left, Jaeger packed the transparencies into 12 glass jars and buried them on the outskirts of town. In the years following the war, Jaeger occasionally returned to his multiple caches, digging them up, repacking, and reburying them. He finally retrieved the collection for good in 1955 - 2,000 transparencies, all of them, amazingly, still in good shape, stored them in a bank vault, and in 1965 sold them to LIFE. To date, only a fraction of the Jaeger collection has been published.

Hitler attends the 1939 launching of the battleship Tirpitz

Hitler observes military maneuvers in St. Polten, Austria, in the spring of 1939

Reichstag members salute Hitler at a session in Berlin's Kroll Opera House

Hitler's first schoolhouse was a tiny, one-room affair. "Our teachers were absolute tyrants," he later wrote, evidently blind to the terrible irony of his words

Full set here - Oh Look, a Forum!

Guy accidentally cuts finger off and continues to film!!

You'd have thought he might have put the camera down and gone to the hospital, but no!

Gotta love the comments in the background as well!

Video link at the bottom!

Video Link - Oh Look, a Forum!